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My primary goals as an educator are to foster creativity, and to provide a safe space to create, have fun, and try new things. Many of the curriculums I have developed use phones or tablets as filming devices, focusing on storytelling with what you’ve got. A phone and a cardboard box? Great! A scarf, an orange, and an envelope? Perfect. With a creative twist to your perspective, it is possible to see stories — and the means to tell them — all around you.

I am available to develop and teach filmmaking workshops tailored to specific settings, age-groups, and areas of interest. Examples of curriculums I have developed/taught include…

  • Stop-motion animation for 2nd–4th graders.
  • Digital Moviemaking for 4th–6th graders.
  • 7th Grade Makers Experience: Green Screen Storytelling.
  • Digital Storytelling for Teens.
  • Video production and editing for small business owners.

Interested in learning filmmaking or organizing a workshop in your community?

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