Iris Mairead

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Films in order shown:

"The Rock Dojo" (Director/Editor)

"Héroes Magníficos" (Associate Editor)

"Purrs and Pours" (Animator)

"Loose Feet" (Animator)

"Train Song" (Director/Editor)

"Wimps XRAY Session" (Editor)

"13 0 13" (Director/Editor)

"Imogen" (Director/Editor).

Bienestar Violins (Editor)

Short documentary follows youth in NE Portland's Cully neighborhood learning violin thanks to a partnership of Multnomah County and Metropolitan Youth Symphony.

Train Song (Director/Editor)

Music video for singer/songwriter Steph Landtiser, filmed in and around Forest Grove, OR.

Westward Wagon 1959 (Director/Animator)

In 1959, Peggy drove cross-country with her husband and young son, leaving their home in NYC to start a new chapter of their lives on the west coast. Accompanied by shadow puppets, Peggy recounts the hardships and adventures of her family's journey.

Flat Gray Sky (Director/Editor)

A young couple decide whether to uproot their lives for a new opportunity.